Monday, 10 March 2014

Mission Statement

Our Mission for Better Health

It's no secret that the food and supplement industries have a knack for misleading consumers. Everything they sell relies on eye-catching packaging and provocative language that has been contrived by a horde of marketing experts. Their product isn't just a vitamin supplement--it's the best vitamin supplement. Their product isn't just a slimming aid--it's the most effective slimming aid, brimming with exotic ingredients sourced from a deep dark crevice in some jungle nobody's ever even heard of. The marketing gurus don't just want you to believe it will help you shed a few stubborn pounds, they want you to think it is the discovery of the century and that they're the only ones selling it.

Every time you enter a grocery store, you're entering a hedge maze of sorts. The endless aisles of products each compete for your attention, trying to appear bigger and better than their competitors, and it's not hard to fall into the trap and end up making choices that can have a negative impact on your health. Profound Health is here with the sole purpose to help you navigate this maze, and we're hoping to be able to not only provide nutritional advice backed up by real science. but to teach readers to be able to analyse products themselves and decide whether the product really is as healthy as the manufacturer wants you to believe.

Over the next few weeks we'll be exposing a few fads like garcinia cambogia and assessing the validity of the product claims. We will also be discussing ways to meet dietary needs in a world where processed food has made it harder to prevent vitamin deficits. We welcome people of all walks of life to step onto a healthier path and make a change for the better. Well-being really does start from within.

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